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Angel Butlers Launch Edinburgh!

Posted by laura on November 18 2013.

Last weekend our Angel Butlers had some new members of staff in Edinburgh. As Angel Butlers Launch Edinburgh they popped their Angel cherry at Arlene’s party.

Angel Butlers Launch Edinburgh

We only use the most handsome hunks for our Angel Butlering!

Angel Butlers Launch Edinburgh!

If you are organising a party, be it a hen, birthday or even divorce, why not call us on 020 7274 4865 so we can get some gorgeous Angel Butlers over to your event!

This group of cheeky but gorgeous lads are waiting to serve you and your guests on hand and foot, ensuring you don’t have to lift a finger. They are the perfect addition to a cocktail making party with their perfect bodies and great sense of humour!

These semi-naked butlers are provided by a premium butler service so you won’t be disappointed. We only employ the handsomest of hunks to wait on you and they have to pass our rigorous ‘hotness’ tests before we invite them to your party! Our favourite Butler goes by the name of Gerard but as he is caught up being a rich and famous movie star, so our naked butlers are on hand to help!

Naked Butlers are an exciting and unusual addition to any of your events, especially a hen party. Dressed in smart trousers or a more revealing apron, the naked butlers know how to professionally serve your guests and spice up the party! Naked Butlers will turn your party into one to remember and we don’t think you’ll be forgetting them in a hurry! You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the view as we guarantee they’ll make your hen party more interesting!

They are ideal as waiters, bar tenders and general eye candy! The experienced butlers will help you to prepare the party and keep your guests entertained and amused with fun games that will really get the party started. Whether you go for the one or two hour option, we promise you’ll be left wondering how you ever coped without a naked butler!

Naked Butlers can also be booked in conjunction with our other hen parties such as Cocktail Making or Sushi Making if you fancy making some delicious refreshments and have them served up by a handsome hunk! If you’re looking to get more hands-on then why not check out our Naked Chocolatiers? Chocolate plus semi-naked hunks; what more could a girl ask for?

Though Angel Butlers Launch Edinburgh, they also operate in many major cities here in the UK.

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