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About Polestars and List of Life


List of Life is a small, young and vibrant company that offers and develops activities and classes aimed at the stag and hen market. Stag events are offered under the brand name list of life (www.listoflife.com) and Hen events under the brand Polestars.

Our Vision

Our aim is to create, develop and deliver interesting and exciting activities worthy of being on ones list of life.

Polestars History


Polestars was born in April 2003, the brainchild of Katja Gardiner with a little help from her then fiancé Heath Gardiner and his business partner Frank Cooper. After launching the pole dancing lessons as part of our club night Throb we soon found the need to expand and look for other venues and more teachers. Not long after Hannah Dring boarded ship to help run things from the Brixton based HQ and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since then we have expanded by offering hen parties as well as week night evening classes around the UK. We have also expanded from simply teaching dance classes for hen nights, to a wider variety of activities,


In 2010 Frank left the business and we saw a refocusing of the business, to work solely on the group activities for hen nights and 2011 saw Polestars launch its stag party brand under the name List of Life

Our team currently consists of:

Ching Nenh – Events Manager

Hannah – Marketing Executive

Yuan Tian – Finance Director

Plus all of our wonderful teachers working throughout the UK.

Happy spinning all you Polestars out there!

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