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A Few Tips When Planning a Hen Party

Posted by veronika BLASKOVA on June 7 2017.

There is always that last night for the bride when she says bye to her freedom and becomes attached to her other half forever. Everyone wants hen party to go perfect without any flaws. Top planning by the maid of honor might be a tough job. Organizing this type of the event isn’t a piece of cake. Here are few essential tips how to make the organizing process go smooth.

A few tips when planning a hen party


Make it pretty, personal and unforgettable

Every bride-to-be is different, and of course has a different taste. Some brides want to go to a fancy bar and dance the night away. Some prefer to spend the hen party in SPA surrounded by beauty products and relaxing music. As a maid of honor it is your responsibility to know your girlfriend well and throw her personal and unforgettable night/day out.

hen party relax massage hen party vip


You know the hen best and picking a right activity should be the most important thing. So maybe hiring strippers and dancing with them on the stage or booking a karaoke night in the busy bar might not always be the right choice. Every future bride should have a great time on her night out and it is your responsibility to make it fit within your bride’s taste. Make your bride and guests feel comfy and create a good vibe.

Ask for the help


hen party

It is a lot of work and responsibility for one bridesmaid. Ask other girls invited to hen party for a little help. Lift the weight of your shoulders and give little tasks to a few friends you trust. Also always discuss with the bridesmaid about ideas.

Being in charge of the event doesn’t mean you are responsible for all the finance. Feel free to ask other ladies invited to the hen party to chip in equally. Try to set your budget as early as possible. That will increase a chance to collect money from everyone on time. No one expects you to rob a bank.

Be original


hen party drinks champagne

Why not to head to already booked venue earlier and put some nice personalized decorations? Putting balloons, confetti, flowers maybe drinking games or funny pictures of the future bride can make you laugh hard and also refresh some memories. Having some bubbly, looking at the pictures and playing some decent alcohol games might be a fresh start of the perfect hen party ideas.

Looking all pretty and dressed up with the high heels on at the hen party. You wouldn’t want your night to be spoiled by blisters, sprained ankle or torn party dress. Avoid this by putting flats in your purse. Trust me your feet will appreciate it. As a perfect maid of honor, bring an emergency party dress for the future bride.

A few essential party ideas to help you make up your mind and make the night unforgettable. Why not to click on polestar.net and open up your mind to different ideas.


Go out, have fun and enjoy!

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