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A Dominant 50 Shades Style Hen Party

Posted by Hannah Carrier on February 17 2017.

Valentines day was yesterday and the release of the second film in the ’50 Shades of Grey’ series, ‘50 Shades Darker’, was released over the weekend. That means a whole lot of love and obsession is in the air! If you and your girls are ’50 Shades’ fans or you’re in charge of organising the naughtier side of the hen party, then we’ve got your back!


hen party fifty shades of grey’50 Shades’ is all about BDSM, control, arousal, punishment and reward! If you’re curious and very open in your group then a dominatrix hen party is perfect for you! Expect plenty of giggles and ice breakers before you dive right in! A professional seductress will take you through the history of BDSM and how it has developed to be so popular! You won’t be surprised to realise that the rise of ’50 Shades of Grey’ plays its part in its increased awareness and normalisation!



fifty shades of grey fifty shades darker bdsm hen partyLearn about punishment, reward, using safe words and building tension and anticipation. One of the most fun parts of this hen party is the chance to experiment and get to know some props, as used in the ‘50 Shades’ series, for example, paddles, blindfolds, handcuffs, ties, crops and ropes! The professional dominatrix explains how they work and if you have any questions, it’s a great, safe and funny environment to ask them!



dom sub bdsm gear hen party fifty shades of greyIf you want to ramp things up a bit, the dominatrix hen party has the option of including a male model at an additional cost. This is particularly useful for demonstrations and tends to get everyone giggling! If a stripper seems so last season for you, this quiet submissive, there purely for educational reasons, is an avenue you might be eager to explore!


If you’ve seen ‘50 Shades Darker’ or know someone who would love this hen party, comment below, tag them on Facebook or talk to us on Twitter!


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