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A cocktail dispensing dress

Posted by Holly Anderson on February 12 2014.

A cocktail dispensing dress

A cocktail dispensing dress

Dutch fashion designer Anouck Wipprechts has come up with A cocktail dispensing dress. At Polestars we’re over-excited and report the full story! The wacky designer has teamed up with hacker Marius Kintel and sculptor Jane Tingley to create a cocktail dress that literally IS a cocktail dress!

A cocktail dispensing dress – sensors and hardware

The revolutionary “biomechanic hybrid cocktail robot” is apparently a cross between some kind of E.T couture and a sexy nurse costume but works like a bartender.  When triggered, alcohol flows from a nozzle at the wearer’s chest.  However, there is a catch to retrieving the cocktail- it only pumps out booze under certain conditions. The DareDroid dress dispenses liquid by combining assorted medical valves, sensors and open-source hardware.

The creators of the dress have stated on their website, “Your presence triggers the dress to produce milk, and your willingness to play a game of Truth and Dare combined with your natural charm, triggers the decision to give you more than just tepid milk.”

A cocktail dispensing dress – cocktail making workshop

Here in the Polestars office, we are very baffled about this bizarre creation! If you love drinking cocktails and want to organise a hen or birthday party, why not book a cocktail making class with us? Our cocktail master classes work as a fantastic event or as great add on to one of our existing parties.  In this two  hour session you will be taught how to mix cocktails from a set menu and you all get the chance to make (and drink!) the cocktails. You will join the bartender from behind the bar pouring drinks and shaking tins. To conclude the workshop, you get the chance to design and drink your own cocktail, named after the hen/birthday girl.  So what are you waiting for? Our cocktail making are very simple and a barrel of fun!  To book, please call our office on 0207 7274 4865.

Check out our Cocktail Making mood board for extra inspiration.

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