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A Burlesque Revue – Stateside Sensations

Posted by Hannah Carrier on June 7 2017.

burlesque party dancing dancersThis Summer saw London Wonderground play host to renowned Burlesque troupe, The Folly Mixtures, in their American-themed revue show, Stars and Strippers. The London-based collective presented the fun-filled show for one night only in the Paradiso Spiegeltent on the magnificent Southbank. With its close-up view of the circular stage, set-back booths, mirrored deco and dimmed lighting, the intimate circus-style tent was the perfect atmosphere for the nights bold entertainment.


burlesque party dancing Ensuring nobody missed out on the action, the dancers took to strutting their stuff down the aisles in to the audience, ablaze with confidence, cheek and charm in equal measures. Whilst the compere offered witty social commentary on both American and British conventions and current affairs, involved audience members and upped the satire factor associated with Burlesque performances, the only other male performer that evening, Dave the Bear, gave a rather unexpected yet highly amusing performance with great prowess. It was, however, the girls that were the stars of the show.
burlesque party dancing dancersThe fourteen-strong team wowed in tongue-in-cheek group routines, depicting stateside stereotypes a-plenty from baseball beauties to cowgirls and diner dazzlers to Donald Trump in tap shoes! The audience were given a glimpse of their individual burlesque personalities and the hour-long spectacle showcased some impressive circus skills, with highlights including skillful hula-hooping antics and a fantastic fire act, full of seductive silhouettes and burning desire! Despite a whirl of twirling nipple tassels and plenty of (bum) cheek, with itʼs eye-popping colours and sense of teasing rapport between the artists, the show certainly stayed on the playful side of strip-tease.
burlesque party dancing dancersA refreshing twist of a crescendo came in the shape of the finale which saw a girl-power-esque take on the renowned Victoriaʼs Secret-style fashion show. The stunning girls paraded on to the stage catwalk-style in costumes styled from bin bags (to Dave the Bearʼs comical Taylor Swift impersonation), truly celebrating the female form, and when the soundtrack turned to Alice Cooperʼs ʻTrashʼ, the girls broke out, cutting off their costumes then proceeding to gyrate, wiggle, shimmy and eat(!) to their heartsʼ content.
burlesque party dancing dancersIt was a great eveningʼs entertainment suitable for couples, groups of girls, lads nights outs… Yes, this true-to-form cabaret show surely offered something for everyone. It was a delightful venue that provided plenty of after-show, summer fun with its themed, outdoor bar. And The Folly Mixtures? As they emerged in yet another seductive costume, all lashes, lips and legs, the audience member sitting across from me in the booth summed it up. ʻI want them all!ʼ he said.



For more information on this glorious group of girls, including future show dates, visit www.thefollymixtures.co.uk


Guest blogged by Claudia Bagley

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Image credit:


Michael Coghlan on Flickr



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