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90s pop – Backstreet’s Back, alright!

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on October 14 2013.

This week will see the Backstreet Boys’ 20th Anniversary, which makes me feel incredibly old! Surely I could not have been drooling over Nick Carter, aged 4?

Kevin and Brian may already have found love and grabbed a wife each (sigh!  Quit Playing Games with our hearts!) But it appears that Nick has just been waiting around for a couple of decades; obviously making an executive decision to hang around for all of us 90s pop babies to grow up!

90s Pop is back, and we have a new dance hen party to prove it

Time is moving on so fast and no its the 90s pop world that’s been getting a retrospective treatment as we creat a new dance product for hen parties

Although some of their music videos simply involved them splashing about on the swings in a moonlit playground, wet hair-flicking aplenty, other hits depict extensive choreography, commanding us to ‘Everybody, Rock your body right!’ So, if you’re keen to show off these steps this summer then it’s time to plan your 90’s Dance Party with us!

If you’re more Sporty, Scary or Posh than Hottie, Cutie. Baggy etc. then you can tailor make your 90’s dance class to have a Spice Girls theme instead. Spice up your life and say you’ll be there!

90s pop

Trust Sporty to let the team down #Underdressed



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