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9 quickfire questions for your hen party

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

Polestars for a long while have been giving advice to 100’s of hens and hen party organisers on how to go about their hen party . From novice beginners who are starting from the beginning to expert planners who are just looking for options. We have helped them all.  Before you can even begin there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before jumping into the deep end. In no particular order.

9 questions for your hen party 

hen party

Theme: Is there a particular theme to your hen party that you would like? Food, Dance, time machine?

Budget: Is there a budget or is money no object? What about your friend’s budget can they afford it too? Hen parties can be expensive.

Location: Is the location accessible to everybody. Is it in easy reach to all major activities and venues in a city?

Transport: How are you going to reach your destination? How far is it for everybody? Have you factored in distance for everybody including cost?

Numbers: How many of you are there? The more you are, the more headaches it can be.

Guest list: Is there a fast track option or VIP pass available to you? Could save a lot of time and make things easier for you and your group.

Requirements: Is there any special requirements or special requests that will need to be considered before going ahead with any plans.

Attire & dress code: Is this a formal event or can we be casual about the affair?

Combo: Can you kill a few birds with one stone and satisfy everybody in your group at the same time? Get everything during the day and during the night making sure everybody gets a fair shake at something?

There you have it! Polestars quick questions to ask yourself before jumping in the deep end head first. For more help and ideas on hen weekends don’t forget to check polestars.net for more info.

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