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70s Disco Diva – how to get the look

Posted by Alec on June 8 2017.

70s Disco Diva makeupAt Polestars we love to play dress up and there is no place better to do it than at one of our 70s Disco diva Hen Parties! We have put together a little guide to help you dress to impress like any good disco diva!

70s Disco diva – Hair Styles

• Think Farrah Fawcett’s big waves for mid length hair. Lots of hairspray will be needed once you take your curlers out!
• For long hair wear a centre parting, a keep it dead straight – sort of like a ‘richie hippie’ look.
• Short hair should be flicked out for that real disco look! Again, lot’s of hairspray will be needed to keep those flicks.

70s Disco diva – Makeup

• Fake eye lashes are an essential.
• Dark eyes shadow with a contrasting pale lipstick is a real 70s disco diva look.
• Plucked eyebrows with high shadow.
• Lots of glitter – Think Abba!

70s Disco diva  – Clothes

• Bold prints are necessary to achieve the look!
• Platforms are the only way to achieve those disco moves.
• Who remembers the classic line from Saturday Night Fever “I love your polyester look” ??? Well that is what you all need! Be careful of the static shocks!
• Lots of sequins!
• You can wear something plain with lots of accessories to achieve the 70s disco diva look.

To gain a better understanding to what to wear for all our other parties check out our What To Wear Advice Guide. or give us a call in the office and we will be able to help you plan what to do and what to tell the guests. If expence is not an issue you could get your team to buyfancy dress costumes.

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