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7 quick advice for the beautiful pregnant bride

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

 Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and so is a wedding. Put together it is just gorgeous but sometimes we can forget that. Especially when it comes to their big day walking down the aisle to be whisked away by their dashing groom. A baby bump is nothing to hide.

Quick advice for the beautiful pregnant bride

pregnant bride flowers dress

1) Own it girl!


Your baby bump is beautiful. Don’t be shy or embarrassed of it. It can melt the hearts of all including your proud and devoted husband as he watches his new beautiful family walking down the aisle to be by his side. Own it and be confident in your bump.

2) Find a good dress maker, don’t accept anything less.

pregnant bride dress flowers wedding

Of course you would like to look and feel good on your wedding day. Expenses on your gown shouldn’t be a problem. You and your partner should have a talk of what you would like to wear to make you feel comfortable and feel beautiful. Your dress maker should be flexible to alter the dress. Go for fuller dress as opposed to tight fit.

3) Forget the high heel shoes

wedding shoes

On a normal day high heels can be a problem. Why would you want this problem on your wedding day whilst being pregnant? This day is all about you so do yourself a favour and wear comfortable flats that look gorgeous at the same time. Your feet and back will thank you later.

4) Accessories

wedding Accessories

When we say accessories we don’t mean as much jewellery as you can possibly find in you mums attic. However a little something for your ears around your neck of ankle can help guide people’s attention away from the bump to the sparkly ensemble you so carefully put together.

5) The wedding ring

wedding ring

Yes there is no avoiding it. You will put on weight meaning that once upon time that lovely ring looked really lovely on your finger, will now be cutting off the circulation to your fingertips. Perhaps a mock up ring just as sparkly and beautiful may do your wedding finger justice.

6) Plan the Menu

fantastic veggie wedding menu

Whatever the doctor advices to avoid you should plan that into your menu. From vegetarian options to mocktails (cocktails no alcohol) consider your option. What’s good for the baby is good for you too.

7) Honey moon

honeymoon bride groom

Yes the honeymoon get away you and your husband have been waiting for all your life. You may need to consider a few things now that you’ve got an extra person to consider before you jet off.

Checking if airlines can accommodate you is the first thing. Most airlines won’t let you fly if you’re heavily pregnant. Also check your insurance covers emergency pregnancies. Your final option is to just postpone the honeymoon until after you deliver. It would be a well-deserved rest away from the babysitting.

P.S remember to get married for the right reason. Not because you believe it is the social norm or standard!

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