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7 tips for creating the perfect winter wonderland wedding

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

Here at Polestars we love winter and we love Christmas. Minus the freezing temperature you can still have some really good effects using the elements and environment around you to create the perfect winter wonderland wedding. Think about the snow, the music, the venue and most of all how you would like your perfect winter wonderland weeding to look like in a photograph. To help you flesh out these ideas we’ve suggested 7 quick tips and ideas on how to get the most out of your winter wonderland wedding day. P.S plan at least 1 year before your wedding date and make sure you form all guest of this day too.

7 winter wonderland tips

Ice queen make up

winter wonderland ice queen make-up

We’re not saying over do the make up and go full evil ice queen. Just add a little tint of glitter to give that magical effect and red Rosie lips. For your bridesmaids you are entitled to have them themed so have a think about how you would like them to accompany you. The  bridesmaid queens and the snow princess perhaps? Remember the winter wonderland is a fantasy made reality.

The Princess or the queen dress

wedding dress

You want a long gowns to give the elegant flow effect to match a Disney winter wonderland princess movie. The dress colour should be working with the natural colour of this seasonal and festive time. All white for the beautiful bride and for her brides maids whatever you see fit. You can even add little accessories such as tiaras or  veils. Examples of winter wedding dresses 2014

Think of the perfect environment and the mood you are looking to create. Think of the decorations and ice environment that would be perfect for


winter wonderland wedding

For a winter wonderland venue think about the natural patterns of nature as your template. Using snow or snowflakes for creative cards and room decoration ideas. You want to create the effect of bringing the outdoors indoors to your guests. Perhaps artificial snow could help you achieve this.

winter wonderland wedding cake

Decoration is not just meant for the venue but for every item and food you have with in the place. Including the icing on the cake. Think of using the natural fruits and veg of winter to add that icing on the cake to finish off the whole ensemble.



Seasonal colours such as blues, greys, white, silvers, greens, browns, reds, purples. If you’re going for the ice kingdom effect more whites and and if you’re going for the frozen palace then more blues would probably create that affect. Think of creating the Aurora Borealis colour scheme.



Heavy hearty food that will warm the stomachs of your guest. Soups, roast meals with potatoes and green veg. Desert would be nice with a warm fruit pie, cream and hot chocolate to drink it down with.


winter wonderland wedding

Making sure that you have the right lighting is essential to good photography. Using candle light will give a nice ambience to work with.

Photography and venue

winter wonderland wedding

These two things work hand in hand. The venue should be good enough work with in terms of photography. Also hiring the right photographer with the experience of working in frosty environments should be priority. They should know how to work with the elements and give that happily ever after finish.

There you have it, our 7 quick tips to think about before you create your winter wonder land wedding. Check out Polestars.net for hen party and wedding idea.

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