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10 foods to beat the flu this fall/winter

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

Autumn has officially arrived. Bringing along a whole variety of downers most people are not particularly fond of. Grey skies, longer nights, shorter days, colder days and colder nights. Not to mention the dreary rain every day. It’s hard enough to get out of the bed in the morning without worrying about catching the flu. Here at polestars we are here to help. To fight fit and keep healthy this autumn Polestars have got some advice on how to keep fit and beat the flu this year. Here are some foods that you might want to stock up on for winter.

Cold and flu food fighters 

Flu fighters cold winter

Carrots: Rich in beta – carotene that wards away any respiratory infection.  Naturalise toxins harmful to the body. Sweet potato also is an option.

Yoghurt: Enriched with probiotics that are good bacteria’s that strengthen the immune system. Cottage cheese is also an option.

Mushrooms: These bad boys increase your defence to viral infections. Lowering your risk of serious flu or illnesses.

Almonds: Antioxidant contain vitamin E.  Helps to ward of colds and respiratory illnesses. Try adding some sunflower seeds and almonds with your cereal in the morning.

Chicken soup: The grandma special chicken noodle soup recipe. Nothing beats this as a great remedy for when you have a nasty cold sore throat. Apparently the heat is perfect in making it difficult for viruses to thrive.

Wild Salmon: Salmon is not only great tasting and easy to cook but it is packed with Vitamin D which helps fight chronic illness. Perfect for a meal.

Fresh garlic & onions: Yes some love them and some hate them but all together they are meant to be good for us.

Dark chocolate: Yes this is the best news every woman in the world can hear. Dark chocolate is perfect for sweet tooth and at the same time fight viruses. Cocoa supports T-helper cell that increase the your immune system to fight infection.

Oysters: As you probably guessed by now, zinc is so important to our immune system in rallying up the white blood cell to defend against the invading viruses. One oyster can provide you with enough zinc for a whole day!

Berries: Fresh blueberries are pack with antioxidants that are good for boosting your immune system.

So there you have it. Please remember to wrap up tight and look after yourself over the fall/winter period. This is the season when you can catch a flu quite quickly if you’re not prepared.

For more advice check out our advice page and don’t forget to check out polestars.net for the best in hen party ideas

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