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7 deadly sins to spoil your hen party

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

Throughout polestars history we have seen more than our fair share of hen weekends gone wrong. Simple things that end up being big things. So if you’re looking to ruin a hen weekends there are 7 sure fire ways to spoil a hen party in our books. Each as deadly as the next.

7 deadly sins to ruin any hen weekends


Not listen to what the hen wants

hen party dont's

Maybe if you’d kindly closed your noise hole and open your ears instead, that might help with your hearing problem…

Not listening to the hens wants and needs is great way to piss off them off and spoil their day. How about instead of talking all the time and being the control freak snow queen from hell, try considering listening for a change and doing what she wants instead of what you want. This day is not about anybody else but the hen remember that.


Not preparing a couple weeks or months before hand

hen party dont's

“What do you mean you didn’t know? You had 2 years to plan this Evon!”

Leaving it to the last minute is a sure fire way to sabotage a hen party. Planning a couple months ahead or latest a couple weeks can leave time for any last minute changes that you may have to do.


Not doing guest list because you want to chance it…YOLO

hen party dont's

Oh you know “people” huh?” Please do remind me of  your superstar status as we wait outside in the freezing cold for the door guy to remember who you’re again…

Not making sure the guest list is sorted and finalised before you reach your venue is a great way to set yourself up for a humiliating experience. Leading to a spiral of problems and embarrassment that you won’t forget any time soon. It’s a little embarrassing if the entire group gets rejected together. Strength in numbers and all that. However, imagine how awkward it would be missing out one vital person for your guest list.  Talk about awkward…


Get her too drunk and scaring her about her big day. Leaving her as an emotional wreck at the end of the night.

hen party dont's

“You’re right! I do remember that time my fiancé said that he’s not a big fan of Justin Bieber… I don’t think I know the man I’m getting married to any more”

Getting the hen so drunk that she is physically rendered incapacitated or unable to properly function correctly. Then following up this perfect moment to remind her of any insecurities she may have about the wedding. That will be a sure fire hit.


Starting arguments over small things

hen party dont's

You and your mates by the end of the night?

Rather than letting it go for the sake of the hen, instead starting a fight and ending up getting the whole party shut down because you couldn’t control your temper is one sure way to not get invited to any future parties again. Mission accomplished.


Not preparing transport or pick up

hen party dont's

Get down Jenny everyone can see up your skirt…You’re always like this after a shot of tequila.


It’s all well and good until somebody needs a taxi home. Then you realise how expensive it can be and all the problems that come with trying to organise a group of slightly intoxicated ladies into multiple cabs. Do yourself a favour and be ready for that.


Not following your checklist or regime.

Lost Submarine

You only had one job Shelly…one job!

Making a list and not following it completely defeats the purpose of a list. Follow it and stick to it.  Not following or sticking to it is the best way the ensure you miss out something important.

There you have it. 7 classic mistake to ensure that a hen party goes wrong. If you’re looking for more advice and tips on your hen party then check out our advice page and don’t forget to check out polestars.net for hen party ideas.

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