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6 autumn fall party ideas

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

The fall season has come. Meaning winter is just around the corner. Autumn is a beautiful season for 3 things. The pre-Christmas garments that are put on sale. The falling autumn leaves and beautiful brown golden leaves. And finally, for the many hen party ideas that you can do during this season including Halloween.


Autumn fall party

Know when you are doing a fall autumn hen party or even wedding for that matter, there are a couple things to keep in mind. The colour of the venue, the theme and the music. Woodland terrain would be ideal for a setting. Perhaps a cottage or a cabin in the woods if you’re the out doorsy type.

Floral designs

Autumn fall party flowers

This is one of the more creative times for floral designs. Whilst spring is the original floral design time we autumn is the more creative. Autumn brown leaves are great for inspiration when it comes to venue layout, card designs and even little accessories to go with your wedding outfit.

Halloween designs

Autumn fall party halloween

Halloween is also one the many opportunities to show of your creative skills. Pumpkin designs with autumn orange and yellows can help. You can also incorporate into your party theme.

Autumn colours themes

Autumn fall party colorful

The colour show represent everything to do with autumn. That means brown, orange, yellow throw in a couple greens and purples and you got yourself the perfect floral colour scheme.

Candles and spices

Autumn fall party candles

Yes candles are not just for the bedroom or Christmas. Autumn candles are lit during autumn in the run up to Christmas as the day gets shorter and the night gets longer. Mellow candle lights scented with spices or winter fruits is the ultimate combination when added with the woodland midnight sky.

Fruits and spices

Autumn fall party fruits

During the autumn season all the harvest is eaten and taken in ready for the winter ahead. Earthly foods like wheat, nuts, autumn fruits like apples and pumpkins are ideal for this time of the year.

Autumn season fruits are great. Full of flavour and colour. Especially the woodland spiced scents, honey, ginger, wild fig, cinnamon, clove would be ideal this time. Fruits like apricot, apples, oranges, pears, berries and pumpkins are perfect. You can finally find good use for that spiced wood cologne you hid from the world. Don’t forget pumpkins are not just for Halloween and we all love a bit of apple bobbing from time to time.

There you have it. A couple ideas for your hen party. You can get some more ideas from our advice page on what to do for your hen party.

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