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2016 Diet Trends

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

Diet Chopping Board

Let’s face it, diets suck. If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to stay on top of your eating habits, or promised yourself to fit into that wedding dress, have you been sticking to it? If not, it’s understandable, sometimes they’re overly complex, make you miserable or just don’t plain work. 2016 is the year of savouring the flavour. Forget those diets and calorie counting and work on your attitude to food relish each moment. If you’re mindful of what you’re eating then everything will start to fall into place.


You may not know this but the United Nations has deemed 2016 the Year of the Pulse. If you don’t know what they are they are the seeds of dry crops. You can cook them traditionally but there’s some experimentation in the works such as alternatives to flour.


Plant Based Meat Replacements

Have you heard of the Jackfruit? It’s being touted as the replacement to meat dishes such as pulled pork. It’s a fruit from Southern regions of Asia and is the largest fruit on the planet. Researches have suggested it could replace wheat, corn and meat based products. Although it is a fruit and usually found in syrup look for the green variety in tins in Asian food stores for savoury uses.



There have been countless adverts and campaigns for probiotics (those yoghurt drinks to improve your gut) but you can also look after your gut with probiotic food, food that boosts, protects and supports your gut.


Ancient Grains

Grains like bulger, buckwheat and quinoa are all beneficial for the body, full of B-vitamins and higher in fibre than refined grains. Look out for these in cereals and snack bars.


Natural Fats

Fats aren’t exactly a buzz word for diets but with foods that are high in natural fats, such as nuts or yoghurt in single servings are completely fine. It’s time to stop looking out for ‘fat-free’ and time to look at portion control.


Nordic Diet

Vikings were hardy and healthy and this is due to their Nordic diet. Season local produce couples with high protein skyr (an Icelandic yogurt) has been linked to reduced blood pressure and weight loss.



Organic is now a thing of the past, biodynamic produce is now in. It’s about farming naturally, pairing harvest crops with traditional plants that inhibit pests and becoming entirely self-sustaining.

Biodynamic vegetables


Yes those chirpy little bugs are now a new source of protein. They use significantly less water and land to produce than regular cattle and are low in saturated fats. If you’re not brave enough to try a whole one, they are being turned into flour and used in snack bars.


Clean Eating

It’s time to ditch anything overly processed or with an additive. This means additives such as added sugar or salt, no refining of food or changing the food from its natural form and especially no manufactured foods.

clean-eating vegetables

Nut Milk

Diary has been getting bad press lately by nutritionists and 2016 is set to see dairy replaced with nuts. Almond milk has been around for a fair while but there will be a rising trend in other nut based milks such as Cashew, which is reported to be far creamier than almond.


It’s really all down to you. Keep an eye on what you eat and try not to sweat it and if you’re dieting to try to fit into your dress, we hope this guide will help steer you in the right direction.


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