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Wedding No-Nos For the Bride-to-Be

Posted by Holly Anderson on October 20 2017.

There are endless wedding no-nos but we’ve managed to whittle the list down to just ten. From location, to children to shoes and alcohol consumption, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things NOT to do.

The First of the Wedding No-Nos: Don’t have the hen do the night before

wedding no nos cakeIt may be tradition, but we’ve all seen enough soaps and wedding films to show that this is a dire idea. From the classic ‘groom finds himself naked while handcuffed to a lamp post’ situation (this may have actually never happened, but there’s a million nightmare situations a night of jollities can lead you to) to having a hangover on the best day of your life, no good can come of it. Do it the weekend before instead so you have a few days to detox.

Don’t frown at a Gift

Wedding gifts are an etiquette minefield, so don’t expect the world and you’ll be happy with what you get. Don’t let your wedding gift expectations get too high. It gets ugly. Very ugly. Put on big smiles, and if you got something unbelievably ugly porcelain poodle statue from your auntie, just have a giggle about it with the groom later on.

Don’t give the bridesmaids too much to do

Your bridesmaids should be your best friends, the girls you couldn’t live without and whose company you’ll always appreciate. Make sure you keep it this way! Be honest with your bridesmaids during the planning stage, if they don’t want to be too heavily involved in the wedding stress, then don’t make them. Not every girl out there is wedding crazy!

Don’t have a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are lovely, but I know several people in their 20s who spend all of their savings and holiday time to attend them. Getting married on a beach in the Seychelles is a lovely idea, but may be best left to the super rich. Leave it for the honeymoon and get married locally.

Don’t see weddings as a competition.

Don’t compare your wedding to someone else’s. It is YOUR wedding, and sadly it’s also your budget, which may be higher or lower than your friends, it doesn’t matter. An essential addition to the wedding no-nos list is not to compare your wedding to other peoples. It can be easy getting caught up in your friends’ weddings and maybe trying to copy or one-up them, but cocktail sausages are just as yummy as caviar and your guests and bank balance will appreciate it.

Don’t Neglect the children

wedding no nos children

If you’re allowing children at your wedding, make sure you organise something to occupy them. You may have some designate some guests as entertainers during your wedding, or have a special table with arts and crafts activities at your reception. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, a mini sports day in the afternoon is a great idea to keep the kiddies occupied and tire them out!

Don’t get drunk

Weddings are often a tiring affair, and it may be tempting to overindulge on food and drink, but it’s best to stick to one flute of champagne. A drunk bride is an overemotional and volatile creature, and before you know it you’ll be spilling wine all over your dress while tearing it up to Footloose in front of your nearest and dearest. One of the big wedding no-nos.

Don’t freak out about the weather

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you may think you’re taking a big risk with the weather, but you’re wrong. Rain on a wedding day shouldn’t make your heart sink, but give you a thrill of excitement. Just prepare for the worst and you’ll always have a story at the end of it.

Don’t spend the whole day in heels

wedding no nos shoes

Heels look great on the aisle, but dancing through the night in them may not be as ideal. Don’t destroy your feet just in time for the honeymoon, buy a nice pair of flats and keep them handy to make sure your feet healthy and happy through what is going to be a long day.

The Final of the Wedding No-Nos: Don’t get Pinterest obsessed


Pinterest is useful for creating mood boards and gathering ideas for your wedding. But then you pin a billion ideas, and you want them all at your do. Suddenly your dreams are inundated with lavender margherita stands, pine scented centrepieces and cute pick n mix stands. Don’t crowd the wedding with ideas you’ve picked up from a pin!

Alex Gillham is a freelance writer for The City Rooms, a wedding venue in Leicester, England. She is currently helping four of her friends plan their weddings (as well as having regular updates from her brother’s forthcoming big day!) and has seen enough wedding disasters to be in the know.

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