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10 Ways To Cope With Wedding Stress

Posted by marketing marketing on July 7 2017.

Your wedding day will be one of the most wonderful and memorable days of your life. Marrying your best friend, surrounded by your closest friends and family members. However, the days, weeks, and months leading up to the big day can be amongst the most stressful in your life as you juggle seating plans and dress fittings whilst trying to stick to your budget.


In small doses, stress is actually beneficial. It invokes the body’s fight or flight response which helps you to stay motivated, improves your brainpower in the short term, and helps you to stay on track and get things done. However, if your stress becomes chronic and prolonged it can begin to negatively impact your mental and physical well being.


Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop whilst you plan your wedding. You’ll still have all your usual work, family, and social commitments on top of all the wedding-related stuff. This can become a bit overwhelming, and you may begin to notice some of the key signs of stress, which includes headaches, dizziness, having trouble concentrating, sleep problems, and changes to your usual eating pattern.


If you’re able to notice the signs of stress early on, you can make some changes to your lifestyle to help you cope with things better. This infographic from MadMax Adventures details ten ways in which you can cope with your wedding stress and prevent it from affecting your health.



Wedding Stress Infographic


Author bio

Clare Jones is the content producer for MadMax Adventures. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, crafting, and going on long walks in the Scottish countryside with her Golden Retriever, Millie.

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