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Superheroines 10 sexiest Cos-play costumes!

Posted by Clement Boateng on March 11 2014.

Superheroines: 10 sexiest costumes

Superheroines are back! In honour of the return of the popular hit sci-fi series “Heroes Reborn: 2015”, we at polestars would like to show appreciation for those of the feminine kind. These superheroes have proven you can save lives, fight crime and be smoking hot and gorgeous all at the same damn time (phew). So, here are our 10 heroine costumes ideas to get any superhero geek hot and steamy under the collar!

Superheroines unite!



Bat girl

Sure everyone has heard of batman but people seem to forget that robin wasn’t the only cap crusader who fought crime with Bat Man. Introducing bat girl and if the dark latex and mask doesn’t do it for you then the cap and the leather gloves will.


Tomb raider

Every man wouldn’t mind a day stuck in a tomb with this raider. Whether enemy or friend they can’t help but respect her hotness.


Cat woman

This feline Seductress will have her victims eating out of her hands and licking her boots, whipping you back into shape with her cool whip and dominatrix style.


Black widow
This sexy agent would make any top secret spy crack under her methods and techniques. From Russia with love.


Super girl
Not to be underestimated in comparison to her older cousin superman. She’s cute and pretty but far from weak or vulnerable. Men can’t help but fall for her and her Super ways.


Invisible woman
There is nothing invincible about this woman and she certainly deserve the title of fantastic. She knows what you want and knows your deepest desires.


Everyone saw Halle berry bring this character hot rain queen to life on the big screen. She can brew up a storm and she’s a part of the few elite who can make white hair look cool.


Mysterious, smoking sexy and leaves a lot to be desired by the imagination. She is bold, untamed beautiful with the sassiness to go with it.


Wonder woman
She is the original symbol of what every amazing woman on top of her game looks like to every male with the attraction to go with it.

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