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10 films to keep you entertained over Christmas

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

Finally the Christmas holiday’s has arrived and this is your time off to just sit back and relax. As much as you enjoy a little down time from now and again, it can be a little hard to switch off and find something to pass the time if you are not used to it. Especially if you are a work-aholic. Finding things to entertain or engage you whilst you just do nothing can be like a prison sentence to the few.

That is why we have decided to give you a little homework for Christmas. Everybody likes a good film. Especially if you like hot chocolate and to wrap up warm with your loved ones. So we have created a list of some good film choice selections for you and the girls to watch together during this festive period. Your task is to complete and watch all these films over the course of Christmas. So let us begin our countdown of the Polestars top 10 film to keep you entertained over Christmas.

10 films to keep you entertained over Christmas

christmas films

Home alone

This is a great film reminding any parent of their biggest fears of leaving their kids alone at home for Christmas. A Christmas classic that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


The original grumpy man who doesn’t enjoy Christmas. Great movie reminding us to take the time of to enjoy life with great lesson to learn by all.


The original symbol of everything anti-Christmas. The one person who stole Christmas from the world. Yes this green furry fellow is not only entertaining to watch but a pleasure to understand and laugh at.

Nightmare before Christmas

A Tim Burton film. This is a tale about a frightful pumpkin king who has become tired of the usual routine scares and has decides to go for something a little different this year. Perhaps a little more Christmasy.

101 dalmatians

The iconic Cruella De Vil was born and created from this heart warming story. If you have ever worked in fashion with a cruel lady who care for nothing but satisfying her expensive needs for luxury (devil wears Prada) and doesn’t care for who she has to hurt to obtain it then this movie will be something you might want to take note from.

National Lampoons Christmas vacation 

This film is all about the classic misadventures of trying to create a perfect Christmas for the family. Anybody who has tried to do this before will know that it is almost impossible to do this. This film just shows us the humour behind it all when you look at it from a outsider’s perceptive.

It’s a wonderful life

christmas film wonderful life

This is a beautiful story of a man who feels down on his luck and feels the world and his family would be better of without him until he is shown what it would be like if he wasn’t to be born. Not only is this the classic Christmas story about love and appreciation it al;so is one of the best and emotional performances in film history. Definitely a tear jerker.


Everybody knows the story about Cinderella. The rags to riches and the prince charming that saves the day. Definitely a sit down with ladies kind of film and you can’t go wrong with a Walt Disney classic.

The Polar express

Polar express is a great animation film about a young boy’s journey to the north pole to visit Santa and regain his faith in Christmas. He does this via a magical train called the Polar express. Great story about adventure and starring Tom Hanks too.

Jingle all the way

Any parent who has ever tried to get their kids the perfect dream gift will understand this hilarious story about a father’s who is determined to get his kid the perfect present for Christmas. Starring Arnold Schwazenegger as the action hero dad every kid would love. It is sure to leave you in stitches.

So there you have it. 10 films to keep you entertained over the Christmas holidays. For suggestions on activities to do with the girls or hen games you might enjoy, check out our hen games section

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